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Home Staging Lighting

Home Staging Lighting Tips

Use Natural Light to Brighten Rooms

Window hangings can affect the size of the room and focal points. This home for sale in Hamilton, Ontario was staged by A Model Suite Home Staging and ReDesign. Trained and experienced consultants staged the living room to put natural lighting and focal points to maximum effect.

Window curtains

The original window hangings in the living room reduced the natural light and also reduced the appearance of the size of the room.

Room lighting

A room's ability to house a piano says much about it! But the window dressings made the back of the living room dark, hiding the piano in the corner.

Make rooms look bigger

The piano was moved to the window area of the room to make it a focal point. Changing the window dressings increased the natural light source dramatically.

The placement of the piano, increase in light, and the long piece of art on the wall all work together to create a sense of size in the room.

Natural light in home staging

Notice how bright this shot looks now? Same angle, same time of day - the adjustment to the window dressings makes all the difference.