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Staging a bedroom

Tips for Interior Redesign

How to Make Small Rooms Look Larger

Here are some home staging tips you can use to make small rooms look larger. A Model Suite Home Staging and ReDesign recently staged this home for sale. After removing any clutter, the rooms still appeared small.

Small bedroom

Left is the master bedroom with a queen sized bed. Note the height of the bed and the pattern on the bedspread.

How can we stage this room to make it appear larger and more appealing?

Bedroom colour scheme

Notice the colour scheme of the room - hard, crisp, specific colours.

Redesigning a bedroom

In comparison to the two photos above, the room on the left appears to be almost an entirely new bedroom!

The queen bed is still the same but it has been lowered and the headboard replaced with a smaller one. The side tables have been switched to match the height. Notice the pictures on the wall? They're still at the same height.

Bedroom color scheme

The colour scheme has been neutralized. The bed spread has been changed as well as the lamp shades and accessories, accordingly.

An effective redesign through small changes and without redecorating!