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Staging Vacant Property

Home Staging Vacant Property

The cold, empty rooms in your vacant home for sale may be turning away potential buyers. Use interior design psychology to transform your vacant house into an inviting home for a quicker sale and more money.

A vacant home for sale should be under-furnished and with just the right accessories to make an appealing marketing presentation. Minimal furniture and accessories help potential buyers of your vacant property to imagine themselves living in your home.

The secret strategy for selling your vacant property is to make buyers feel it is their dream home. The proper placement of props gives visual depth and perspective and gets buyers thinking about living in the space.

Choose home staging accessories that will appeal to your target buyer to help them imagine their own furnishings in the home. Distinctive props will keep your property for sale prominent in the minds of buyers who visit several houses in a row.

For homeowners who are carrying two homes and realtors with many properties to sell, the cost of furnishing an empty house may seem prohibitive. There is no need to spend a lot of money on furniture and accessories that will be used for only a short period of time. It makes more sense to use the services of a professional home stager who can provide a wide range of props for your vacant home and who has the interior design expertise to showcase your home effectively.